Arbitration Appeals

Herb Fox, a Certified Appellate Law Specialist, handles appeals and writ petitions throughout California arising from trial court proceedings, from orders compelling or refusing to compel arbitration, and post-arbitration motions to confirm, vacate or modify the arbitration award.

It is often said that arbitrations are "not appealable." There is truth to that statement, but it is an oversimplification of a complex procedural landscape. Many arbitration-related issues, such as whether the parties entered into an enforceable agreement to arbitrate; whether the arbitrator exceeded his or her powers; whether the arbitrator improperly refused to continue a hearing or consider evidence; and whether the arbitrator failed to disclose a conflict-of-interest, are commonly litigated at the Courts of Appeal.

Further, in cases governed by California law, the parties can agree that the arbitrator's ruling can be reviewed on appeal for errors of law or fact, just like other judgments rendered by a judge or jury.

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